Artiplant - indoor and outdoor plantersAbout us 

Artiplant was founded in 2006 based on love for everything that grows and blooms. Since then, it was impossible for Artiplant to think of a world without greenery. The companies, landscapers and architects know Artiplant for our flowers pots and our complete solutions for your green spaces projects.

Artiplant helps you in your garden landscaping, terraces, in restaurants, hotels and public zones. Our wide range of planters and custom made planters for outside is provided to architects and landscapers.

Artiplant offers a wide range of flower pots in all shapes, sizes and materials. We adapt ourselves to plant and environment. We are constantly searching for new tendencies in design and materials. Ambiance creators connected in the form of flower pots for indoor, planters, outdoor features, plants and natural decoration.

Being a supplier that delivers directly from the wholesaler and our own production, our general costs are reduced. As client, you benefit from this. You will be surprised with our prices!

A professional team is available in order to facilitate your choice and to answer your questions to provide you with the product that best suits you.

‘Green up your life’